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hhme computer for & answers. goveennr o'malley says &plawmakerr will e taking action here in maryland ... in the wake of the conneeticut shootinn. -3&pssooting. he says legislators will be looking at what can bbedone to strrngthen schhol security and ggn laws to make chiidren safer. he &palso citee mental health as a - part of trringgto prevent future trageeies... like the one n newtown last week. 3 aa50 thousaad ddllar grant isson the line, and one local school is only a few clickk &paway from grrbbinggthe prize. -3 so can they convince youuto - help gee them to the finish liie? 3 joel d. smith is live at &pmount waahington sshool to show us hoo the money would be ssent, and whht happenssif & short. 3 3 3 are you prepared for he end of the woord?according to -3 the mayyn calendar... thiss friday maaks the end of it all. all.around he country... many ensuue they're set for -3 whattver happensson decemmer -3&p21st.but none... quuteellke ááhisá guy. 3"people getting reedy frr december 21 this year should - be prepared ffr any
action that may result in a suspension or stoopage of work ould have an adverse effe. nearly 15-thousand dockworrers along the east and gulf in baltimoor. remain open all the time at maryland casinos. so how much mmre money will it mean for casinos and then ... state?? joel d. smith is live at "maryland llve" now to exxecting. joeel how 3pbusy is it? - 3 3 3 p3 into the d-n-a of the man ellmentary school massacre... foo clues as to what ade him s. a first-of--ts-kind study... geneticists areedoing a complete nalysis of adam for mutations ssociated with - mmntal illness... that could lead to an increaseddrisk for violence.but experts sayythat there's o proof thattppople with those genes will copy lanza's behavior.lanza shot including 20 childree... on december 14tt. in the aftermath of thee newtown massacre... petitioners... are nowwasking the stratford town counccl... of... 27-year-old victoria r soto.she'' the teachhr at sandy hook elementary school who rushed her students into a closet and died tryyng to shield them from the bullets. soto... was from
ero is hopinn he can áwillá ray lewis back into action. p3 and ell and aaryn look lik they've been hrough alot watching the game today.. eli is spooiig the perplexed look oo a true fan under his &ppavens blankett and aaryn looks like she may have been pulling her hair out trying to anottee win. e and black to and ww want o see your purple prrde. post your pics on our facebook page or sendd them to pics at fox baltimore dot coo. preparations are nearly compleee for baltimore's new year's celebration.paul gessler reports from the baage housing fireworks that will ring inn20-13. 20-11. 3ryan 'neil, pyrotecnicc: shells up here oo this barge right now."on thissbarge,ryan o'neil, pyrotecnico:"do you have ape?" ryan o'neil nd workkthough the cold, windy - morning.ryan o'neil, pyrotecnnco:"we're standing on one of he barges that'ssgoing to be sed for the fireworks show forrthe nye celebration." aboard are nearly two thousand differeet fireworks.ryan o'neil, pyrotecnico:"these are tte loud guys. (cut) whenver this is one offthose going r, off."the explosivee will be baltimore's
. this -&pis all f us. this has changed the ddalogue, ann it should pove beyond ddalogge, we need action. a neelyyformed "nnwtown united," is calling for better gun controo. it plans to send a delegation to washington tuesddy. we have - phe benefit anddthe misfortune of beiig on the nattonal stage right now, ttis is aareally opportunity for us to make a statement. schoolsshere will reopen tuesday, but sandy hook ellmmntary will be clloed until further notice. in dunnan. 3 when they do go bacc to schooo... the chhllrrn who 3 will not ave to return to tte scene f theemassacre. & instead.. theyywill go to their classes's still unclear whennthat wwil happen..ut all public schoolss 3 be closed ttdaa.. and sandd hook elementary will ever be used for eachiig.... aggin. 3 baltllmore's archbissop is also reactingto the mass shootinggii connecticut. 3 arccbishop william lori...previouslyssrved as bishop of southwestern &pccnnecticut...which includes -3& newtown..ori says he visited the catholicchurch there many as a personal loss. &p3 (looi) "i just thin
...// devin... mclean.... took... action... after recognizing... the fake beard... baadit...//// but... 2---ddys later -/ devin... was fired....// fired....// "it's like kinda getting slappedd n the face for doing something that you feel was right and that everybody else prounn you feels you were right, entered the sttre withh the compaay... weapon." pntered the storr with myy weapon." &p the company... haa for employees having weapons... in... the store...//. see.../ apparently.../ the company... having... dead .. - workers...// lying... all over the flor...// a lawsuit...// 3 yesterday... yesterday... we told you ...aaout... "bacon... shaaing cream.".../// today... / we're talking... "pizza perrume" perfume."pizza hut... is launching... itss...own perfume line... / that smells... like a fresh pizza...//.theecompany says... it smells... like... dough."...//..or... now.../.for... noo.../ limited quantities of pizza hut... perfume... will be available... in canada... to cellbrate that sector ...of the company's success...
activists. with so muuh at stake, senator joon mccain says it may be time to takee action. if true these reports may mean that he united states and our allies are imminent uss of weapons of mass destruction in syria and this may be the last warnnng we get. the time for talking about what to do may nnw be comiig to a close and we may and vvry difficult deccsion. syrian refugee camp at the jordan-syria border thursday. for the united natioo's &prefugee agency. it was her second official mission to the region in three months. i'm ed payne reporting. uus secretary of state hillary clinton met thursday with the p-n speccal envoy to syria and russia's foreign minister... asspart of a new u.s. diplomatic push on syria. ttday marks 71 years... since theeattack on pearllharbor. nearly 24-hundred americans were kiiled and 12-hundred injured... wwen japanese &pfighters bombed and sank 12 naval vessels... and damaged 9 arizona sank in less than 9 minutes... aater a bomb preeched its deck andd exploded. peopleeacross theecountry are commemorating thee anniversary... with various events through
progress..rotest nat -3 nat 3 family and frienns oo anthonn anderson called for action deputy sheriff's looked oo. &panderson's death was uued a homicide... but city state's attorney gregggbeenstein has yet to make a determination if the officers iivolvee broke the lawwandeeson's mother is now ppshing for answers. 3 06::5:37 "iiveeseen the whole thing. it's nothing nobody told me it's what i saw. so what are you going to do now, - kill us?" us?"prosecutoos ell fox 45... the iivestiggtion is ongoong. -3&p3 aanewwrecall coold affect the items... sitting underryour &&pchristmas tree. & tree.a toyycalledd"water balz" - and itss ther varieties: "growing skulls"... "h-2-o ffowers"... are being recalled... for ingestion iss. the toys absorb watee... andd can expand 400 times theer original size. that's big ttouble if a chiid swallows -3 one. he voluutary ecall haapened... after a baby toy after eating it last year. 3 a young girl takes on major company... and ins. 133year-old mckennaapope - petitioned for hasborooto make pender-neutral "easy-bake ovenn"...
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to move on to one other subject, which is actually, has been holding up action a lot of people would say. senate faces a big moment on january 3rd, the first day, on whether to change the rules and make it harder for the minority to filibuster and block the majority and you both have been in the majority and both have been in the minority. senator reid is prepared to offer a plan which is called the nuclear option and would pass by a simple majority of 51 votes but a bipartisan group of senators has come up with a compromise that wouldn't change the rules as much but also wouldn't be the majority forcing the will on the minority. is there going to be filibuster reform senator feinstein, and what kind. >> at thursday's caucus we had a briefing. there are three groups of senators working on three different proposals for rules changes. it was put before the democrats for the first time, on thursday. and, we listened to it. i think there are some changes that can be made, on a bipartisan basis. i think that is where things are going, right now, to try to see what we can agree upon. if we can
any miising trees since putting his ppan into action. - theefog finally 3 burned off this 3 morning... and it turned into a pretty nice day outtthere. let's check in with chief meteorollgist vytas reid for a - look at the forecast. 3 3 a warning for those who use -3 iistagram... why your photos could soon be sold without your permission. 3 and santaaccaus packing heat.....the conttoversy over kids posing for piccures with & guns... bye, mom. we're here! [ giggling ] these days, nobody has time to get sick. mom, i don't feel good. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs pharmacy now offering flu shots every day, no appointment necessary. find a clinic near you at 3 six-million discover, ameeiccn &pexpress and caaital onee customers are gettinn refunds.... because of a card practiies. & practices.capptol one will p
if any further her - action is required." depends on where it is... so far, no information regarding the location of pclinttn's clotá has been released.kirschenbaum says: trauma, may make her at riskk for ddveloping a bleed in her head, because they're thinning out her blood. it issa classic and very smart movv to bring her innthe hospptal and observe her carefully." the top us. diplomat was expected to return to work sidelined by a stomach-virus g wwich left herrseverely dehydrattd. butt she suffered the concussion after fainting due to the clinton's ilness forced hee to cancel some overseas triis, áandá her plans to testiff in front of congress on deceeber twentieth... in connection tt the deedly in benghazi. secretary - says "..secretary clinton has &pstressed she remains ready to &ptestify before she stees down ffom her post next month. in meanwhile, we're learning new details about the deadly september 11-th terror attack penghazi. consulate in - aabb-partisan senate rrport found terrrristt essentialll walked right into the compound. the report was re
eceonice gerneeators so any type of work action thaa may result in a suspension orrstoppage of work wouud have an adverse effe. organizations have urged president obama to order an 80 day cooling oof eriod but right now there is no that directionnlosing the ports to a shutdown.. even for a few days.. could cost the 3conomy billions f dollars..- a high-stakes meeting wwll be held in washington today.... between preeident obama and top congressional leaders. leaders.they've got just 4 days left to reach an eeonomy goes overrthe e u-- so-called "fiscal cliff." that's when automatic tax increases aad spending cuts would taae effect. democrats want tooextend the bush-era tax cuts to everyyne except those americans makinn 250- thousand dollars or more &pyear. but many rrpubllccns remain against any tax increases. if lawmakers don't reach a deal by january 1stt... many econnoists are concernedd it could eventually ead too another recession. with all eyes on the fiscal cliff... there'ss anotter deadline quickly approaching that miggt haae consumers concerned... the "milk cliff." it's par
itto retrieve aay data - since theeshhotingg... wants to take meannngful id he - action that would preevnt another traggdy like sandy &phook.we are finally finding out what that mmans... the prrsiddnt would like to close the un show loophhle, ban high apacity ammunition magazinee and look aatmeasuress ttat address mental health. he also will support a bill thatt will be introduced on the first day of the new session. he is acttvvlyy upportive of seeator feinstein's stated pntenn to revive a piecc of legislation that would 3einstaae ssault weapons ban. experrs say the president coull bypass congress on some isssessuch as...sharing information across federal, state and local law enforccment bout potentialll pllegal gun puuchases... ...or restricting cerrain military- styleeweapons. the national rifle association broke it's silence today aboot the connecticut &pshooting.... saying its members are " sookedd saddened and heartbboken" by the murders. murders.the nation's largest gun rights group is also pledging " to help make sure thii never happens again" ann nference set for frid
gernerators so any type of ork action hat may stoppage of work would have an effect.morr ttan 100 organizations have urged ppesident obama to order an 88 ddy cooling off period but right now there is no administration will move in thattdirection.losing the ports to a shutdown.. even ffr a few ays.. could cost the economy billions of dollars. 3 a high-stakes meeting will be held in washington today.... betweenn resident obama ad &ptop coonressional leaders. leaders.they've got just 4 days left to reach an aageement... before the u-s economy goes over the poocclled "fiscal cliff." that's when automatic taxx increases and spending cuts would take effect. democrats wann to extend the bush-era tax cuts to everyone except ttose americans making 250- thousand dollars or more a year. but many republicans remain gginst any tax increases. if lawmakers don't peach a deal by january 1st... it could eventually lead to another recession. with all eyes on thh fiscal cliff... there's anothee deadline quickly approochinn that might have consumers concerned... the "milk cliff." it's part o
for this week's take action thursday, teddy the taxman joins us with end of year tax tips.-think about life preparer-gather all your tax -make taxxmoves to reduce 2 taxable income -set a target date to ile and be eady for it after the break, after the break, 3 3ready for it 3 ready for it to file and be --et aatarget date to file aad be ready for it afterrthe break, teddy the your calls about end of year tax tips. if you have a question our phone lines are open now at 410- 481-4545. you can send us a tweet at fox baltimore... or go through our facebookkpage. you're all local.. alllmornnng. ((break 7)) 3 back with teddy the taxman. your alls aboot end of year tax tips ...for our take action thursday. thursdayyiffyou have a question... our phone lines are open now t 410-481-4545. you ccn send us a tweet at fox through our facebook pagg. loria- bowleys quarters puurters michael "i own my own business and i have a full time job. i am saving the maximmm of $17,000 in my 401k and $5,000 in my rrth ira. i want to save more income from my businesss
.... family and friends of anthooy anneeson-- who died during an arrestt n september-- called for action sheriff's looked on.anderson's death was ruled a homicide... but city state's attorney &pmake a determiination if the officers invooved broke the law.anderson's mother is pushing for nnwers. & 3 06:05::7"i've seen the whole thiig. it's nothing nobody ttld me it's wwat i saw. o what are you goong to do now, kill us?" us??"rosecutors told fox 45 &pthe investiigtion is still trafffc in baltimore county was backed up ffr some tiie this afterroon due to multipll explossons. pake a ook at this. p3 ----ats of explosion -- orth and south bound lanes of bellir road pear the harrord cunty pinn...wwre both closed around & p--0 after spaaks conttnned to fly in tte air. its believe a one car accidentt&p may have hit a poe cauuing -3 that pole to rack....and wires to be exposed. 3 officials kept the lanes closed for fear the pole would collapse. 3 more than 0 people are injured affer a fire at this cam
ccty customer)"how are youuwhen hh found himself unemployeed... he put a dream : into action: (chris cooper)"i anted to put it out on the road anddput a restaurnat on wheels.. so what ive done is high end stuff. i dd seered scallops." nnw it's paying the bills. ((this is beef swhwarma"(flip and sizzlee nats))"thats eight ffity with tax"in downtown balt"thanks again" kc ox 45 news at 10 & &phow... fixing the fiscal clif could affect people on about 15 minutes &pon fox45 news at ten some maryland leaders are speaking out against the federal government's decisson sandy victims in our state! myranda stephens is here with not be over.myranda? myyanda?hundreds of residents along the easterr shore were deeastated when superstorm sandy unleashed her fury back in october. but according to the federal emergency management agency... the damage just wasn't enough too warrant indivvdual aid. fema director craig fugate actually made that announcement tuesday... during a hearing in front of the houue. but today... during a senate appropriationn hearing... senators arbara mikulski a
the whole country is focused on and public opinion shifted and the court has an affirmative action case and voting rights case and, it is seen as a significant turn for the supreme court on issues of equality. when it comes to this issue, no, it comes down to, you said abortion, and i think a lot of people are thinking about 1967, loving versus virginia, and the court said, it is legal for people, different races to marry in the country. is it analogous to that, a gay couple has the same rights as a heterosexual couple? these are critical issues and a narrow ruling i think will be seen as dodging the issue. kicking the can down the road and is it you your constitutional right to marry the person of your choice in this country? i think this is an issue that is the way that the proponents of gay rights are putting it before the court is, let's look at the states and allow the states to make the decision. and, if that is the case, i think they are backing away from the larger issue. and the larger issue has to be, the court would say, it is constitutional or not. >> chris: what about the a
the new year.. with all the action of aaena ccoss.your chance to win tickets... ii coming up in the next 15're watching fox 44 morning neww.. all local.. all morning. ((brrak 4) "all my life i've known dirt, filth, stealin' and lyin' and lord, the only thing that appeals me these days, as of right now is you." "i hear you now and i can even touch you, because i have your living word here in my hand." "and that's when my life changed." "'old things are passed away and behold all things become new'. and i said, 'lord, that's me!'" 3 ((open)) 3 3 & 3 395 map 3--3 &p there are just hours just hoors left for lawmakers &pto come up with a way to avoi goinn over the fiscal cliff. cliff.lawmakers wwre oo capitol hill sunday... in hopes of avertinn a year-end combination of spending cuts anddtax ncreases that could trigger aanew recession. recession.lawmakers hoping for a fiscal cliff deal to ote on when they return to capitol hiil this morning... won't get senators went home ast night wiihout a final fiscal llff package but negotiations will crowlle says: "eeery indicati
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20